Friday, July 27, 2007

7% of BYU women say "Heck yeah, gays are hot"

when asked "Would you marry someone who used to be or is gay?"

I just ran a survey on facebook, and these are the results from 61 girls within the BYU network. I choose the BYU network to get a higher percentage of Mormon women than most networks, which is the group that I am interested in. However, not all are necessarily Mormon, or active Mormons, so my rant and raves about prayer might not even apply. I have the result for men if you would like, but that isn't as interesting to me. I know the results aren't scientific, but here they are.

Would you marry someone who used to be or is gay?

34% Never, I don't care how much I loved them
38% Probably not, unless I really felt like I should
18% I guess, if I were sure they wouldn't cheat on me
3% No problem, everyone has their issues
7% Heck yeah, gays are hot

Interesting. I have always believed it takes a special girl to marry a gay man, but I wanted to know how special. I also wonder how many of these girls are married, or even lesbians, which would totally skew the survey. Here are my thoughts.

34% Never
I hate the word never. Never is so absolute. So does this mean I can be head over heals with her, her with me, and the spirit could be burning in both of our bosoms that we should get married, but when it comes to me sharing a struggle that I have, she will be ruthless enough to leave me cold and broken hearted? Granted, it is not any girl that can marry a gay guy, so God won't tell them to marry me. However, I have feelings too and I deserve at least a prayer asking God if it is right. This is a major reason I have decided to be upfront with my struggle. I know a lot of girls can be ruthless and uncaring. And yes, I have both been head over heals for a girl and heartbroken over her. I understand it is tough to marry a gay guy, but you have to understand where I am coming from.

38% Probably not
This is respectable. Marrying a gay guy probably isn't for them, and God probably won't answer that they should marry me, which is fine. God has told many a girl to stop dating me, which I can respect. At least they are willing to give me a sporting chance. I probably don't want to marry them, and they don't want to marry me, so I probably don't have to worry about this group either.

18% I guess
This is someone I would think about dating. A bit more open minded, but not wanting to marry someone that will cheat on them. Just for the record, not all gay guys cheat on their wives and not all straight guys are faithful. You can never be sure, but I think with my morals I have just a good of chance to be faithful as a normal straight guy. Together, with the other responses, this is 28% of women, which might not be just any girl, but it's not like they're impossible to find either.

3% No problem
Okay, I have heard several people say SSA is just like any other issue, but when it comes down to getting married, whether themselves, a sister, or a daughter, all of sudden this is worse than any other issue. Hey, I am a kind, compassionate man. I have a good job, would never be violent, abusive, disrespectful of my wives feelings or anything like that. True, I don't believe this is to just be any other issue, but it isn't insurmountable either. These girls might be a bit naive to think this is just another issue, but I would rather them error on this end than the other end.

7% Heck Yeah!
Wow, where are these women? Send me a message. ;) This result made my day. Seriously, I think every man deserves to be in love with someone who jumps into the relationship screaming heck yeah, you're hot! I plan on doing that with my wife, and I deserve the same. I've heard of way too many women who marry gay guys and then second guess them on everything. If you're going to marry someone, be excited. You know, maybe I should limit my dating pool to these women. I want someone who thinks I am hot just the way I am. Then again, maybe these women were actually joking, or maybe they were lesbians, talking about marrying another gay girl. Who knows? But my wife better be as excited to marry me as I am to marry her.

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